A Is for Abbott: ‘Collision’ by Jeff Abbott

Starts strong with a blast of adrenaline. Ben and Emily are wrapping up their honeymoon in Hawaii; he slips into the shower, and Emily slips onto the kitchen floor — shot. Dead. Fast forward a couple of years to a sniper scene in Austin and a hired assassin bumbles his assignment. Suddenly Ben and a former CIA agent are unlikely partners … and the plot turns all kinds of crazy ways.
My friend David summarized it perfectly in his review for Booklist:
“The dialogue: smart, unobtrusive. The plot: packed, convoluted, head spinning. The everyman angle borrows from Abbot’s hardcover debut, Panic (2005); neither book is memorable, but it hardly matters: if it is unbridled action you crave (or if you’re just killing time till the next Lee Child comes out), Abbott’s your man.” (Reviewed by David Wright, Booklist, 5/1/2008)

My coworker Jeff said: “Quentin Tarantino meets Die Hard as the lives of two men literally collide” in his review for Library Journal. Snappy and memorable tagline.

I’m glad I tried this book and know more about Abbott, who also wrote a series in the 1990s starring a librarian/sleuth named Jordan Poteet (Promises of Home, Distant Blood).

Recommend to readers who like: James Patterson’s stand-alone thrillers, David Baldacci, Stephen Cannell, James Grippando, and maybe to Lee Child fans.

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