Hannah West on your iPod … or even iPhone.

My friend Terry emailed me yesterday to tell me that she came across my middle-grade mystery series, Hannah West, available on audio. Had I forgotten to mention it to her? There was no forgetting — BECAUSE I DIDN’T KNOW! Ay caramba. How does that happen?

I’m thrilled that any book of mine is an audio book (although I wish someone had told me that was in the works). I was especially excited to see this little bit of promotional copy: “Use your own iPhone, mp3 player or iPod for playing Hannah West on Millionaire’s Row audio book.

I don’t have an iPhone, but my fictional creation can be heard on one. That greatly amuses me. If the series is succcessful on audio, I will be further amused and pleased by royalties.

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  1. Thanks, Terry and librarianista. Today I’m glad I don’t have an iPhone because the new ads say “funnest.” But I’m still glad Hannah West is on audio. I think the narrator, Rena Strober, is pretty good, from the short clips I heard on audible.com. And she certainly has impressive acting credits.

  2. That is so cool! May such unexpected circumstances drop my way some day :-).By the way, I am a so-called "fictional character" in a middle-grade fantasy novel Jane (the owner of this Google account) is writing. I have a private blog where I am posting my story-in-progress so that some of Jane's young friends can "test drive" the story. Anyway, I've put a link to Hannah West's blog in my blog, because I think my readers ought to meet her, especially if they like my story. (See, I live on Vashon Island, and my cousins and I end up having some pretty wild adventures in downtown Seattle). But I see that Hannah hasn't posted in a couple of years. Any chance you could nudge her into writing a post now and then?Thanks! My cousins and I love Hannah's mysteries, and are hoping to read some new ones sometime soon!- Shell Wakefield

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